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Affiliation *

President Norio Ichino JABA President

Vice President Eiji Hatta JSBA President

Vice President Yoshinobu Suzuki BFA Vice President, Former JABA Vice President

Executive Director Masayuki Naito Director and Secretary General, JSBA & JUBF

Director   Kozo Otagaki JABA Vice President

Director   Takashi Nakamoto JABA Director, JUBF Member - at large

Director   Masaaki Nagino  

Director   Hiroo Nobata JABA Excective Director

Director   Toyomi Munakata JSBB Excecutive Director

Director   Toshiyuki Yanagi JABA Vice President

Member at-large   Koji Fujita JABA Director

Member at-large   Hideitsu Ohashi JSBA Vice President, JUBF President

Member at-large   Yoshiyuki Ogo JSBA Member - at large, JUBF Director

Member at-large   Hirotaka Nishioka JHBF Director

Member at-large   Muneaki Kinoshita JSBB President

Member at-large   Masatake Yamanaka  

auditor-secretary   Jiro Mori JABA Member - at large

auditor-secretary   Shozaburo Kobayashi JSBA Member - at large

auditor-secretary   Saburo Kobayashi JSBB Member - at large

*JSBA (Japan Student Baseball Association)
*JABA(Japan Amateur Baseball Association)
*JUBF (All-Japan University Baseball Federation)
*JHBF(Japan High School Baseball Federation)
*JSBB(Japan Rubber Baseball Association)
*BFA(Baseball Federation of Asia)
As of Jun 15, 2016