Puerto Rico shutout Japan for a easy Win
Asians had a difficult start and Caribbean team took advantage of it

Aguadulce (Coclí¨, Panama). Puerto Rico moves to 3-3 defeating Japan in Remon Cantera Stadium. The final score is 6-0 and the numbers can tell the story of the game: five hits and two errors by Asians couldn’t compete with Caribbeans who collected eleven ones and built the win in the first half. Cesar Crespo had his second homerun in the 2011 Baseball World Cup.

After the deleting of Greece-Chinese Taipei cause rain, the evening game of Remon Cantera started on time.

Puerto Rico had a good offensive first inning scoring three times. Japan pitcher and defense helped the Center American team with a walk, a wild pitch and two errors. By two single the home team lead 3-0.

The Caribbean advantage grew up between third and fifth with one run for each inning.
The credit of 6-0 went to Cesar Crespo who hit the ball over the fence for a solo-homer.
On the mound the Caribbean Julio Rodriguez made a good job, allowed the first Japonese hit in the third, and closed his performance going five inning, striking out six.

In the last part of the game the attendance could watch some nice defensive play by Puerto Rico as the assist by third baseman Jeffrey Dominguez who picked up the ball in his naked hand before shooting to the first base.

The rielifs Josí¨ De La Torre, Efrain Nieves and Adalberto Flores completed the shutout game between sixth and ninth.

(From IBAF Website)