Baseball and Softball To Collaborate - 2020 Summer Olympic Games
(Houston Texas USA - KYODO) - Approximate translation

Senior Executives of the two International Federations, Baseball and Softball, which strive to be reinstated in the 2020 summer Olympic Games, held a joint meeting in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., and confirmed to work cooperatively to realize concept of making a comeback to Olympic by putting men’s baseball and women’s softball together into one sport.

They discussed such matters as developing an integrated International Federation. President Porter of International Softball Federation (ISF) stressed that “There is no barrier for the two Federations to strive to come back in the Olympics in tandem.” President Fraccari stated that “Our perception is the same as that of ISF. We will start to work on details.”

Baseball and Softball are dropped from the program for the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.