Nepal Baseball Federation (NBF) to host U18 Baseball Championship

Sujeewa, interviewed by NHK TV from Japan

In commemoration of 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Nepal and Japan and to remember the 7.8 magnitude devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015, NBF is organizing U18 Championship at Tundikhel Ground in Kathmandu, Napal from April 23 to 25, 2016, and conduct an umpire clinic headed by Sujeewa Jayantha Wijayanayake Sirigamporage, an official umpire of Baseball Federation of Asia and a resident in Japan. The events are recognized by the Foreign Ministry of Japan and supported by Nepal Baseball Larigrans Club, Osaka, Japan.

Total of 4 teams, Kathmandu Budhjanilkantaha, Bhaktapur Rising Stars, Patan Gurkha Crew and Pokhara Yetis will participate in the competition of on April 25, a game between Team Nepal Baseball Federation vs Armed Police Force will take place.