WBSC Launches Development Commission
CTBA’s Chris Day Appointed as a Member

Chris Day, Chinese Taipei

In the wake of reinstatement of men's baseball and women's softball to the Olympic Games program for Tokyo in 2020 and by looking toward the future beyond 2020, the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC) has formed Development Commission and selected the nine-member panel showing a balance of nationality, gender and sporting background. Chris Day, International Division of Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has been appointed as one of the members.
The WBSC Development commissions will be mandated to perform the following functions in conjunction with the WBSC member federations.
• Develop programs designed to grow the number of players
• Identify areas where baseball and softball growth is needed
• Identify programs to increase the quality of players globally
• Develop and implement programs designed to increase the quality of coaching available
• Chronicle Development programmes around the world
• Implement development programs
• Work with stake holders including professional baseball, professional softball and commercial partners
• Set goals for player development in Baseball and Softball Developing areas
• Hold programs accountable for results
The Commission will include:
Chair: Angelo Vicini (San Marino), Servio Borges Suarez (Mexico), John Boyd (Great Britain),
Craig Cress (USA), Chris Day (Chinese Taipei), Amilcar Estrada (Guatemala), Ryan Flynn (New Zealand), Mette Nissen Jakobsen (Denmark), Ms Taeko Utsugi ( Softball Japan)
WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari, in a letter to the Commission members, said, "Thank you for accepting the appointment and thank you for providing your experience and knowledge for the benefit of our sport and its development. I am looking forward to having the occasion to meet you and share your views and opinions."
Commission Chair Angelo Vicini has called for the first meeting to take place in Mexico later this month.