IBAF President Fraccari talks about defections in Cuba
The sensitive subject was main topic of press

Cuba accepted the challenge. According to an article posted by "El Nuevo Herald" and signed by Anne Marie Garcia, the last visit to the Isla Linda by IBAF President Riccardo Fraccari was not an ordinary one.
During a press conference in La Habana, Fraccari said: "Cuba needs to change the attitude. The problem of defections needs to be discussed. If you ignore it, it is impossible to solve it".
Fraccari went on: "There are none so deaf as those who will not hear, but I feel things are changing. When the problem will be solved? I do not know. But I am optimistic".
Antonio Castro, son of former President Fidel Castro and one of Fraccari's Vice Presidents commented: "IBAF is trying to build relations with all of the professional organizations, not only MLB" the added: "It's a difficult task, we are not talking about 2013, but of a later future".
Pedro Cabrera, in charge of International and Media Relations for the Cuba Sports Authoruty (Instituto Cubano de Deportes or INDER) commented: "We hope that the support of the IBAF will give us a chance to see our rights acknowledged and guaranteed. Cuba has a whole different situation from other countries, this cannot be ignored".

(From IBAF Website)