CONI President Malagò opens WBSC Executive Board meeting in Rome

President Riccardo Fraccari opened WBSC Executive Board meeting on January 20 at the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) headquarters in Rome. CONI President, and IOC Member, Giovanni Malagò welcomed WBSC Executive Board Members.
“Consider this historical venue your home.” said Malagò “If you look around, you can see 100 years of history, let me proudly say a unique history.”
The CONI President emphasized his personal relation with WBSC President Fraccari: “To me he is not your President, but a very close friend. Riccardo and I will always demonstrate our feelings to one another, wherever our carriers will take us.”
Malagò then left the floor to Roberto Fabbricini. The former International Baseball Federation (IBAF) Executive Director served as CONI Secretary General and is now President of CONI Servizi: “What a great result, for baseball and softball, making it back to the Olympic Games programme. I spent two wonderful years with you. I was a humble contributor to Riccardo Fraccari’s project. You make a great team effort and I foresee a great future for WBSC.”
Riccardo Fraccari added: “Roberto and I began together the steep trek that led us back to the Olympic programme. I agree with him: we did a great team effort. Thanks to all of you, now baseball and softball are global sports and baseball5, the urban version of our game, is literally going viral. We can be proud of that, but let’s not stop working hard. Now Paris 2024 is our priority.”