12th Phoenix Cup 2019 in Hong Kong Kept International Women’s Baseball Advancing Forward

The international event sanctioned by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), “Phoenix Cup 2019”, a 4-day tournament was held on 22-25 February, 2019. A total of 9 women’s baseball teams competed for the championship this year, including teams from, China, Guam, the host Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

Final Ranking and Awards:
Champion: Venus Youth, Japan, 1st Runner-Up: Far East Bloomers, Japan, 2nd Runner-Up: Lady Regals, Guam, 3rd Runner-Up: Buick Regals from Guam; Merit Award (5th): Hong Kong Allies Sportsmanship Award (6th) : Bottomed Out from Guam, Best Team Spirit Award (7th): Shenzhen RG Baseball Team, China, Passionate Team Award (8th); Singapore Panthers, Photogenic Team Award (9th): Amoy Nanguang Girl Baseball Team, China.
Individual Awards:
Best Coach: Iwami Masaki, Venus Youth, Japan, Best Pitcher: Yamazaki Urara, Venus Youth, Japan, Most Stolen Base: Lau Tsz Chin, Hong Kong Allies, Mui Wing Ki, Hong Kong Allies, Yang Ching Fei, Singapore Panthers, Most Home Runs: Lau Tsz Chin, Hong Kong Allies, Most Hits: Rokkaku Ayako, Far East Bloomers, Japan
Most Valuable Player (Alphabetical order of country/region’s name):
Amoy Nanguang Girl Baseball Team, China, Ye Cia Qing, Shanghai Ossen Dumbo Baseball Club, China Zheng Yi Qi, Shenzhen RG Baseball Team Zhang Xinlan, Bottomed Out, Guam, Sherika Cabrera, Hong Kong Allies Cheuk Woon Yee Sinney, Far East Bloomers, Japan Kametani Narumi, Venus Youth, Japan, Singapore Panthers
“Phoenix Cup 2020” will feature national team pool and club team pool, aim to allow member federations to send national team and earn baseball world ranking points for women in this WBSC sanction event. The Phoenix Cup is organized by the Hong Kong Baseball Association, subvented by the Home Affairs Bureau (Arts & Sport Development Fund) and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.