Chinese Taipei, Japan in group A and Korea in group B will proceed to Super Round
Day 4 of U-12 World Baseball Cup

Japan’s offence proved overwhelming

Day 4 of the U-12 Baseball World Cup made it clear that Japan and Chinese Taipei in group A and Korea in group B will play the super round.

Korea defeated Venezuela, 6-5, in what has been by far the most exciting game of the tournament so far. Venezuela tied it on a home run by Johan Fernandez and Korea walked it off on a solo shot by Park Yechan.

Chinese Taipei defeated the Czech Republic, 16-0 in 5 innings.
Chinese Taipei improved to a 3-1 record, while the Czech Republic is now 2-2, tied with Cuba.
Chinese Taipei wasted no time in getting to Czech starter Michal Cajz. A four-run first inning was highlighted by a two-run homer by third baseman Huang Tien Szu.
With Chinese Taipei leading 9-0, a great catch by Czech right fielder Kristyna El Ghannamova on a fly in the gap to right-centre by shortstop Yeh Hung Jen prevented Chinese Taipei from scoring the tenth run in the fourth at-bat.
Another two-run homer, by right fielder Yu Yan Cheng, set the pace for the early finish after five innings.
Kuo Chen An, Chen Yu An and Chang Yao Yuan limited the Czechs offence to 3 hits.Games on Day 4

There was not going to be competition between the absolute beginners Fiji and undefeated Japan. The young Samurai did want to make it clear from the start. They scored nine in the first against Samu Tamata and went on to win 30-0.
Three Japanese pitchers, Yusei Izumi, Takuto Miyake and Kazuki Takahata, allowed only two hits, while the line up provided 23, including home runs by first baseman Takuto Suzuki (2) and third baseman Hironosuke Namatame.

Games on Day 4
MEX 21-2 AUS, FIJI 0-30 JPN, ITA 1:28 USA, VEN 5-6 KOR, RSA 0-13 CUB, TPE 16-0 CZE