Guest Umpires from Southern Asia Braved Out Winter in Japan
54th Umpire School in Suzuka City

Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JABA) with the support of Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA), hosted the 54th Umpire School in Suzuka City, Mie, Japan for 3 days from February 17 through 19. Although the training session on the ground met occasional snow flurries, it did not deter enthusiastic umpire students who were eager to improve their judging skills and to update themselves to the new rules.

Hisashi Nakamoto, Chairman of Rules and Umpiring Committee of JABA, with the help of 19 instructors led the extensive sessions day and night for 64 umpires including 6 guests from Thailand, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Nakamoto stressed the need to read the Umpire Manuals every time prior to the baseball game and review the outcome after each game.