Japanese athletes helping people stay fit at home amid pandemic

The photo shows Japanese sprinter Yoshihide Kiryu working out indoors on his YouTube channel

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Since the coronavirus pandemic largely moved indoors the lives of adults and children in Japan, many athletes have been giving the benefit of their expertise on social media to help viewers and followers stay trim without having to venture outside.
Japanese pro baseball powerhouse the SoftBank Hawks posted a series of videos online that allow viewers to learn the essence of the sport from manager Kimiyasu Kudo and his players.
"It's difficult to play baseball (outdoors). But I hope this helps relieve the stress of children," Kudo told reporters last month.
In a video uploaded this month, pitcher Nao Higashihama demonstrates how to practice throwing at home. He shows how to improve control with the use of a towel before Kudo explains the mechanics behind the exercise.