Waseda Won Championship of Tokyo Big-6 University League’s 2020 Fall Season

At the last game of 2020 Tokyo Big-6 University League’s Fall Season, Waseda’s batter Hiruma smashed a come-home-from-behind two-run homer after two outs in the top of 9th inning against Keio’s pitcher Ikui, leading to 46th Championship in the League for Waseda. Keio failed to be the champion short of only one more out.

Tokyo Big-6, the longest running baseball league in Japan dating back to 1925, comprises six prominent universities in Tokyo, Japan; Waseda, Keio, Meiji, Hosei, Tokyo and Rikkyo.

The start of 2020 Spring Season was delayed by 4 months to August 10 due to the uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic, played by single round-robin, and won by Hosei University, followed by Keio, Waseda, Rikkyo, Meiji and Tokyo. For the Autumn Series, the final season for the fourth-year students, the pennant was contested on winning percentage by double-robin resulting in Waseda, Keio, Hosei, Meiji, Rikkyo and Tokyo in that order.

Maximum one hundred cheerleading squads for each team were located in the outfield bleachers in the stadium in the fall season. The number of spectators was limited to 15,000 at the 34,000 capacity of Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo.