The IBAF and the ISF met in New York City
The International Federations (presidents Fraccari and Porter in the picture) are still talking about a merger to strengthen the Olympic joint bid

by Riccardo Schiroli

At the end of a meeting with Major League Baseball (MLB), that involved Robert Manfred (executive Vice President of Economics and League Affairs) and Paul Archey (Senior Vice President of International Business Operations), the IBAF and the ISF (International Softball Federation) signed a Memorandum of Unterstanding (MOU) that is intended to manage the project of a merger between the 2 International Federations in order to strengthen the joint bid for baseball and softball reinstatement in the Olympic programme, starting the 2020 Games. The meeting, the first ever between MLB and the ISF, happened in New York City. The 2 Federations were represented by their Presidents: Riccardo Fraccari and Don Porter.

The member Federations of the IBAF and the ISF will have to approve the merger project.
The ISF has called an extraordinary Congress for this matter, that is scheduled for October 30 in Houston (Texas, USA).

The IBAF is exploring the possibility of a postal vote, that apparently is viewed as the best solution by many of the National Federations.

The final decision by the 2 Federations will be presented at the IOC Executive Committee in December.

(From IBAF Website)