43rd Meiji Jingu National Baseball Championship Underway
Regional Champions of 10 High Schools and 11 Universities in Japan Compete the Final Tournament of 2012 Season

Meiji Jingu (Shrine) in conjunction with the Student Baseball Association host the 43rd National Championship at Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo for 5 days from November 10, which marks the end of high school and college baseball season of 2012. High school teams comprise freshmen and juniors only, after seniors finished playing baseball as high school students.

4 special guests of honor from Chinese Taipei Baseball Association including Manager Hsu, Shun-Yi of Taiwan Cooperative Bank were introduced at the opening ceremony on November 9.


Day 1, Saturday, November 10:
(High School)
 Hokusho 3 - Kyoto Shoei 1
 Urawa Gakuin 4 – Kochi 3
 Matsuyama (Champion of 3 leagues of Shikoku & Chugoku Region) 0 – Toin Yokohama (Runners-up of 5 leagues of Kanto Region) 7
 Kyoto Gakuen (Runners-up of 5 Kansai Region) 4 – Mie Chukyo (Champion of 3 leagues of Hokuriku & Tokai Region) 6
 Dohto (Champion of Sapporo Student League) 1 – Fukuoka (Champion of Kyushu 6 University League)