The section dedicated to umpires is ready
The access will be limited to registered users

by Riccardo Schiroli

The IBAF has been working over the past year on a project for a section of the website dedicated solely for umpires. The first release of the project is now available.
This section will be available to registered members only.
This section is being created with the intent to have all current umpires as well as any one who is interested in umpiring to register. The section will have news of any and all umpire happenings across the globe. However, it will not be limited to just news. We want to give the umpires a clear understanding of the IBAF selection criteria for any and all tournaments. We also want a to interpret and define the official baseball rules. This will help umpires to understand the rules.
The main news section will be used to keep the umpire community informed of any updates.
We also have a section dedicated to umpire mechanics: "Our goal is to try to standardize mechanics across the globe so that when we get to a particular tournament, we are all working the same mechanics" says Gus Rodriguez, the Chairman of the Umpiring Commission "This will ensure a smoother and more efficient umpired game".
"As we go live" adds Rodriguez "The site will be always a work in progress. We will continually add content to make it a focal point that all umpires will visit often.
We will be adding a system to create quizzes where you can test your knowledge of the rules.
We planning to add the ability to have video where we can show a particular play and have a discussion regarding that play".
Talking about exclusive contents, the section already contains an article on the 10 IBAF Umpires that will participate in the World Baseball Classic: Cesar Valdes (Cuba), Michael Ulloa (Spain), Miguel Hernandez (Venezuela), Paul Hyham (Australia), Carlos Rey (Puerto Rico), Edgar Esteveson (Panama), Jair Fernandes (Mexico), Jesus Miller (Mexico), Trevor Grieve (Canada), Feliz Tejeda (Dominican Republic).

(From IBAF Website)