Announcement of Reorganization - Baseball Federation of Japan
by Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ)

On April 1, 2013, Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) changed its domestic legal status from a private entity to General Incorporated Foundation stipulated by the law, and continues to be a member of IBAF as the sole National Federation under the Japanese Olympic Committee.

The “new” BFJ comprises Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JABA, or so called Industrial League), Japan Student Baseball Association and the newly joined Japan Rubber Baseball Association which is the largest baseball organization in Japan with well over a million members. Officers of those who will be involved in the international baseball include the following and we look forward to working with you for the good of baseball and softball.

President Eiji Hatta
Vice President Yoshinobu Suzuki
Executive Director Masayuki Naito
Secretary General Yutaka Shibata
General Manager – International Affairs Masaaki Nagino
Senior Advisor Kazuhiro Tawa