WBSC 2020 Olympic Campaign Launch in Tokyo

To: Worldwide Baseball Community

Re: 2020 Olympic Campaign Launch in Tokyo/Digital Launch

Dear Friends in Baseball:
On Sunday, April 14th, we will launch our 2020 Olympics campaign publicly in Tokyo at the IBAF Congress. Under the World Baseball Softball Confederation, we will introduce our new logo, theme, and website - We will then begin an aggressive global media push to drive everyone to to join the line-up and click in their support.
There is no question that social media will be key to our success and we must demonstrate to the IOC that our sport has a major online/digital presence. The IOC monitors the digital footprint of the 8 sports (1. baseball-softball, 2. karate, 3. roller sports, 4. sport climbing, 5. squash, 6. wakeboarding, 7. wrestling, and 8. wushu) currently being evaluated for the 2020 Olympic Games, so they can estimate the growth of the worldwide audience. Therefore, we need you to help spread the word; get your friends, family, and friends of friends, etc. to join our “line-up” at and like us and share our posts on Facebook, and follow us and retweet our messages on Twitter.
We will also announce the playball2020 launch event at to activate our supporters there and provide more details about the launch.
This is an important time in history and together we can positively impact the future of our sport, making it the next truly global game, or we can miss this opportunity. I urge you to support the April 14th launch and get ready to activate the power of worldwide baseball network to support our cause and visit to help get Baseball and Softball back in the Olympic Games.

Riccardo Fraccari