Second Round at XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup set to commence on Thursday
Japan, USA, Cuba, Chinese Taipei, Korea and Venezuela advance - Consolation round starts

TAICHUNG. The first round at the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup in Taichung is in the books. The top three of each pool Japan, USA, Cuba, Chinese Taipei, Korea and Venezuela advance to the second round. The remaining six teams in the tournament Australia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic and Italy will play out ranks seventh to twelfth in the consolation round on Thursday.

On the last day of the preliminary phase Venezuela and Cuba won crucial games against the Czech Republic respective Australia to book the last tickets in the second round. USA, Japan, Chinese Taipei and Korea also won to go strong into the second round.

Defending champion United States and Japan will be in premier position to make it to the Gold Medal Game thanks to two wins with which they are start into the second round. Cuba and Chinese Taipei each have one win and a loss, while Korea and Venezuela sit at 0-2. Each team will play three games in the second round robin with the top two teams reaching the championship game on Sunday.

The first game day of a supposedly heavily competitive second round on Thursday features the duel between Asian rivals Japan and Korea in the afternoon. In the evening Chinese Taipei has to square off with record title holder Cuba, while defending champion USA takes on Venezuela.

All games of the second round will be broadcasted live in various locations. Check your local listings for detailed information.


First Round

Group A
1) Japan 5-0
2) Chinese Taipei 4-1
3) Venezuela 3-2
4) Canada 2-3
5) Mexico 1-4
6) Czech Republic 0-5

Group B
1) USA 4-1
2) Cuba 4-1
3) Korea 3-2
4) Australia 2-3
5) Colombia 1-4
6) Italy 1-4

Second Round

Group C
1) Japan 2-0
1) USA 2-0
3) Chinese Taipei 1-1
3) Cuba 1-1
5) Korea 0-2
5) Venezuela 0-2


Consolation Round

Thursday, September 5, 2013
• 12:30 Game for 11th & 12th: Czech Republic - Italy (Dou-Liou)
• 18:30 Game for 9th & 10th: Mexico - Colombia (Dou-Liou)
• 18:30 Game for 7th & 8th: Australia – Canada (Taichung)

Second Round

Thursday, September 5, 2013
• 12:30 Group C: USA – Venezuela (Taichung)
• 12:30 Group C: Japan – Korea (Intercontinental)
• 18:30 Group C: Cuba – Chinese Taipei (Intercontinental)

Friday, September 6, 2013
• 12:30 Group C: Venezuela – Korea (Intercontinental)
• 18:00 Group C: Japan – Cuba (Taichung)
• 18:30 Group C: USA – Chinese Taipei (Intercontinental)

Saturday, September 7, 2013
• 12:30 Group C: Cuba – Venezuela (Taichung)
• 12:30 Group C: Chinese Taipei – Korea (Intercontinental)
• 18:30 Group C: Japan – USA (Intercontinental)

Sunday, September 8, 2013
• 12:30 Game for 5th & 6th Place (Taichung)
• 12:30 Bronze Medal Game (Intercontinental)
• 18:30 Gold Medal Game (Intercontinental)

(all times local)

(Photo by Kyodo)