6th East Asian Games Starts on October 6
7 National Teams to compete in Tianjin, China

For the first time, baseball is played as an official sporting event for the East Asian Games participated by China, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, and Chinese Taipei from October 6 to 14 at Tianjin Sports Center Baseball Field. Total 26 sports are scheduled in the Games program by 9 countries and regions including Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Macau.

Team Japan

Day 1 October 6, Chinese Taipei vs. Guam, Japan vs. Mongolia and Hong Kong vs. China
Day 2 October 7, Korea vs. Guam, Hong Kong vs. Chinese Taipei and Japan vs. China
Day 3 October 8, Guam vs. Hong Kong, Mongolia vs. Korea and Chinese Taipei vs. Japan
Day 4 October 9, Korea vs. China, Japan vs. Hong Kong and Mongolia vs. Chinese Taipei
Day 5, October 10, Korea vs. Japan, China vs. Chinese Taipei, and Guam vs. Mongolia
Day 6, October 11, China vs. Mongolia, Guam vs. Japan and Hong Kong vs. Korea
Day 7, October 12, Mongolia vs. Hong Kong, China vs. Guam and Chinese Taipei vs. Korea
Day 8, October 13, Semi Finals
Day 9, October 14, Bronze Medal and Gold Medal Games