2014 Japanese Baseball Calendar
Another Busy and Exciting Year for Fans and Teams

 Senior
85th JABA Inter-City Championship July 18 – 12 days, Tokyo Dome
39th JABA Club Championship Sept. 5– 4 days, Seibu Dome
Asian Games Sept. 19-Oct. 4, Incheon, Korea
40th JABA National Championship Nov. 1-11days, Kyocera Dome
1st IBAF 21U World Cup Nov. 7-16, Taichung, Taiwan

 University
67th National Championship June 10-15, Meiji Jingu Stadium
45th Meiji Jingu National Championship Nov. 14-19, Meiji Jingu Stadium

 High School
86th National Invitational Tournament March 21- , Koshien Stadium
96th National Championship Aug. 9-14 days, Koshien Stadium
59th Rubber Baseball Championship Aug. 25-5 days, Akashi & Takasago
BFA 18U Asian Championship Sept. 1-7, Thailand
45th Meiji Jingu National Championship Nov. 14-19, Meiji Jingu Stadium

 Juniors
BFA 12U Asian Championship July?, Philippines
2nd IBAF 15U World Cup Aug. 1-10, La Paz, Mexico

 Rubber Baseball
5th Junior High School Spring Championship Mar. 21-4 days, Kusanagi Stadium
34th 12U Prince Takamado Cup Aug. 8-7 days. Meiji Jingu Stadium, etc.
31th Junior High School National Championship Augu. 11-4 days, Yokohama Stadium
2014 NPB 12U Girls Tournament Aug. 11-6 days, Tokyo Dome, etc.
67th National Emperor's Cup Sept. 12-6 days, Matsuyama

 Women
15th National High School Invitational Tournament March 27-Apri.2, Gyoda , Saitama
18th National High School Championship July 26-31, Tamba, Hyogo
10th National Championship (All Categories) Aug. 2-6, Matsuyama, Ehime
5th Kazo Flying Carp Cup Youth Tournament Aug. 18-24, Kazo, Saitama
6th IBAF Women’s World Cup Sept. 1-7, Miyazaki
4th National University Championship Oct. 11 – 13, Ohbu, Aichi
9th National Club Championship Oct. 11-13, Ichihara , Chiba
National Pro-Am Championship November, TBD

 Nippon Professional Baseball
All Star Game 1 July 18, Seibu Dome
All Star Game 2 July 19, Koshien Stadium
Japan Series Oct. 25, Central L. Winner’s Home Field

(By Baseball Federation of Japan as of December, 2013)