Big Success of 56th BFA/JABA Umpire School
Heavy Snowfall in Japan was an Unusual Experience for Guest Umpires from Southern Asia

Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JABA) with the support of Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA), hosted the 56th Umpire School in Japan for 3 days from February 14 through 16. Baseball Clubs of Panasonic in Osaka and NTT West Japan in Kyoto provided the lodging and training facilities. For the first time in the annual Umpire School in Japan, however, all the training session had to be held indoors owing to heavy snowfall. Nevertheless, 64 umpire students including 5 guests from southern Asia braved out the trying weather to improve their judging skills and to update themselves to the new rules.

5 guests from overseas were:
Guo Yushi (China), Salvador Dacal Junio (Philippines), Priyantha Peiris Thelge (Sri Lanka), Lien, Yung-Shao (Taiwan) and Pongpun Yoopongpitak (Thailand). Sujeewa
Wijayanayake (Sri Lanka) a qualified umpire and resident in Japan, joined 22 Japanese instructors and helped to facilitate studies and living of his overseas colleagues.