16U - Japan going into final round: finishes third after Cuba and Venezuela,

Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Due to the non-presence of the Dominican Republic at the field in Aguascalientes another forfeit was declared against the Caribbean team. Japan became winner by a score of 9-0 and improved to 3-2 in the tournament after having started with two losses. The top four teams of each group will play another round robin in the second phase of the IBAF 16U Baseball World Championship, starting on Thursday after the off day. The schedule will be announced on Wednesday. The matchups are already set with Team USA taking on the Netherlands, Cuba playing against Australia, Mexico squaring off with Japan and Chinese Taipei facing Venezuela.

Group A

1. USA 4-0
2. Mexico 2-2
3. Chinese Taipei 2-2
4. Australia 1-3
5. Brazil 1-3

Group B

1. Cuba 4-1
2. Venezuela 4-1
3. Japan 3-2
4. Netherlands 3-2
5. Indonesia 1-4
6. Dominican Republic 0-5