First Victory for Heian High from Kyoto in their 38th Attempts in Spring Tournament
86th High School Invitational Tournament Ended on April 2.

41,000 fans watched the final game of 86th High School Invitational Tournament at Koshien Stadium on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 when Ryukoku Daigaku Heian High School won over Riseisha High School 6-2. Baseball Club of Heian High School was established in 1908 and won the National Championship in summer 3 times in 1938, 1951 and 1956 but this was their first victory in the spring tournament.

32 teams joined the spring tournament with the total attendance of 497,000 fans for 12 days, 74,000 more than the last year.

Japan High School Baseball Federation announced the first preliminary roaster of 26 players for BFA 18U Championship in Bangkok in September. 3 players from the champion, Heian, and 2 from the silver medal, Riseisha, have been selected in the roaster. The final roaster of 18 players will be chosen during the summer National Championship in August.

Photo: Victorious Heian Players toss Head Coach Harada into the air (by The Mainichi)

(By Baseball Federation of Japan)