Inaugural Messages of IBAF, BFA and BFA Presidents

Dear Baseball Fans:

Welcome to the new "Baseball Federation of Japan" (BFJ) website, the home of Japan's representative organization to the International Baseball Federation (IBAF), Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) and global baseball. The new site will be an exciting addition to the organization, allowing Japanese baseball to present a complete picture to the global baseball and athletic community in both English and Spanish. The site will extend on a growing relationship between BFJ and IBAF media, which has developed a strong information link allowing the IBAF to cover big stories from within Japanese baseball through With the focus on reinstatement of Baseball in the 2020 Summer Olympic games, we look forward to contributing to the cause, and improving the perception of the international game. We look forward to receiving your support.

Sincerely, Eiji Hatta, President , BFJ

Dear Baseball Friends,

The International Baseball Federation applauds the efforts of our esteemed colleagues of the Baseball Federation of Japan. The establishment of this important website will definitely serve to reinforce and expand our sport's international reach, while helping to meet the demands of our entire community that have long wished to follow activities in this baseball rich region more closely.

Additionally, this site will also help the IBAF and BFJ remain coordinated in the efforts to put baseball back onto the Olympic Programme and allow our message to reach more people.

The IBAF looks forward to making use of digital technology to further strengthen the global baseball movement with BFJ and all the other respective National Member Federations.

Riccardo Fraccari, President, IBAF

Dear friends,

Congratulations on BFJ's new web site launching both in English & Spanish!

Baseball netizens visiting this site will get valuable information and share their common interests as well.

I am sure we make great strides thirough various efforts such as mutual communication and we will realize our desire in the 2020 Olympics in the end.


Kang, Seung-Kyoo, President, Baseball Federation of Asia