Day 6 : 40th JABA National Championship at Kyocera Dome Osaka

Photos by The Mainichi  (Iwata of Ibaragi Golden Golds singled to right field with one out in the top of the 5th inning. Kakazu of JR East Japan hit a one run doubler over the left fielder on two outs with a runner on second in the bottom of 5th inning.)

Japan Railways East Japan (Tokyo) advanced to the last eight by defeating Yamaha (Shizuoka) 1-0, which was the only third round game on Day 6.

The other two second round games saw Seino Transportation (Gifu), the winner of 2014
Intercity Championship conquered Ibaragi Golden Golds (Ibaragi) 4-0 and Mitsubishi Heavy
Industries Nagoya (Aichi) got past in a close match against Nichidai (Kyoto) 2-1.

Day 1 November 1:
77 Bank (Miyagai) 1-2  Yamaha (Shizuoka)
Nichidai Corporation (Kyoto) 5-1 Nippon Paper Industries Ishinomaki (Miyagi)
TOYOTA (Aichi) 3-0 Nippon Shinyaku (Kyoto) 

Day 2 November 2:
Japan Railway Kyushu (Fukuoka) 6-7 Japan Railways East (Tokyo) 
Honda Suzuka (Mie) 4-5  Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance (Tokyo)
HONDA (Saitama) 2-1 Japan Railways East Tohoku (Miyagi) in 11 innings
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hiroshima (Hiroshima) 1-7 JFE East Japan (Chiba)

Day 3 November 3:
Japan Railways West Japan (Hiroshima 2-5 Nippon Life Insurance (Osaka)
Segasammy (Tokyo) 7–6  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe (Hyogo)
PANASONIC (Osaka) 3-2 Toho Gas (Aichi)
Day 4 November 4:
JFE West Japan (Hiroshima) 2–1 Saginomiya Seisakusho (Tokyo)
Vitalnet (Niigata) 1-10 Nippon Express (Saitama)
Toshiba(Kanagawa) 0-2 Yamaha (Shizuoka)

Day 5 November 5:
NTT West Japan (Osaka) 6-4  Seibu Gas (Fukuoka)
NTT East Japan (Tokyo)  4-1 Japan Railways Shikoku (Kagawa) in 12 innings
Japan Railways Hokkaido (Hokkaido) 0-5 Osaka Gas (Osaka)

Day 6 November 6:
Seino Transportation (Gifu) 4– 0 Ibaragi Golden Golds (Ibaragi)
Nichidai Corporation (Kyoto)  1-2  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya (Aichi)
Yamaha (Shizuoka) 0-1 Japan Railways East (Tokyo) - Third Round

Third Round

Day 7 November 7:
TOYOTA (Aichi)  - JFE East Japan (Chiba)
PANASONIC (Osaka) - JFE West Japan (Hiroshima) 
HONDA (Saitama) - NTT West Japan (Osaka)