Japan and Northern Italy are the winners of the 2011 Mundial Hit
by Italian Baseball and Softball Federation,

The International Youth Gala for the Juvenile and Cadet categories was played in Nettuno, the well known 'City of Baseball' south of Rome. In the Under 12 tournament participated 7 teams, while 8 competed in the Under 15.

Japan in the Juveniles (Under 12) and Northern Italy in the Cadets (Under 15) category are the winners in the 2011 edition of the International Youth Gala or Mondial Hit, the international tournament that the city of Nettuno hosted starting August 24th through August 28th.

"It was a great tournament" said FIBS Board Member Luigi Cerchio "And the way the city of Nettuno organized it, makes me proud".

In the Juveniles 7 team tournament Northern, Central and Southern Italy followed Japan in the final standings.

The Cadets played an 8 team (split into 2 groups) tournament. Italy South lost the final, while Czech Republic made it to third place and France was fourth. Central Italy finished fifth.

(From IBAF Website)