Tokyo organizers create panel on new sports for 2020 Games

Photo from left: Takeda (JOC), Masuzoe (Tokyo Governor), Mori (Organizing Committee) and Shimomura (Minister of Education) on January 14, 2014

Tokyo Olympic organizers have set up a panel to determine which additional sports events will be added to the program for the 2020 Games.
Under the IOC’s “Olympic Agenda 2020” reforms, host cities are allowed to propose the inclusion of one or more additional events for their games.
Because of their popularity in Japan, baseball and softball, which were dropped from the Olympic program after the 2008 Beijing Games, are considered to have the best chance of being added.
Karate, squash, roller sports, sports climbing, wakeboard and wushu are also hopeful of joining the Tokyo 2020 program.

The seven-member panel:

Chairman: Fujio Mitarai, Honorary Chairman of Keidanren
Assistant to Chairman: Toshiro Mutoh, Secretary General of the Tokyo Organizing Committee

Takeshi Aoki, Executive Director, JOC
Toshiyuki Akiyama, Deputy Governor, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Joichi Okazaki, Executive Director, Japan Sports Association
Ms. Atsuko Tohyama, Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports,Science and
Tomiaki Fukuda, President, Japan Wrestling Association

Kimito Kubo, Director General, Sports and Youth Bureau, Ministry of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ms. Naoko Takahasi, Executive of JOC
Koji Murohoshi, Sports Director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee