Day-3? BFA U-12 Baseball Championship 2016? in Zhongshan, China on December 11
Semi-finals set: China v Japan, Chinese Taipei v Korea Road to U-12 Baseball World Cup 2017

World No. 1 Japan and No. 4 Chinese Taipei won their respective groups with undefeated records of 3-0, while No. 3 Korea and No. 18 China, both 2-1, will also be advancing to the semi-finals.
Group A W-L Group B W-L
1. Chinese Taipei 3-0 1. Japan 3-0
2. China 2-1 2. Korea 2-1
3. Indonesia 1-2 3. Pakistan 1-2
4. Hong Kong 0-3 4. Philippines 0-3

The Asia U-12 Championship Final will take place on Tuesday at 14:00, following the bronze medal match at 10:00.
The top three Asia representatives will advance to the WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup 2017 in Tainan, Taiwan, to compete For the Title of World Champion.
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines will meet in the Consolation Round (5th to 8th Place), with a share of world ranking points at stake for all nations in Zhongshan.

Sunday, 11 Dec
Chinese Taipei 15-0 Indonesia
China 10-0 Hong Kong
Japan 8-1 Pakistan
Korea 15-0 Philippines
Saturday, 10 Dec
Indonesia 16-10 Hong Kong
Chinese Taipei 9-0 China
Japan 11-1 Korea
Pakistan 9-2 Philippines
Friday, 9 Dec
China 10-0 Indonesia
Japan 15-0 Philippines
Chinese Taipei 19-0 Hong Kong
Korea 5-3 Pakistan